Thursday, December 29, 2005


No Resolutions for Me

I am lazy, Basically I am a couch potato, although right now I'm in a chair and the tv is off. I have absolutely no stick-to-it-iveness either. This has made me decide not have have any New Year's Resolutions as they are typically long-term resolves that I end up not following through with. Instead I have decided to go for short-term monthly goals that I hope will be easier for me to accomplish. Its all a matter of tricking my mind you see.

Goals for January:
  • Drink more water (starting with at least 4 glasses a day for January)
  • At least 3 times/week (see above re lazy, I'm starting with small steps)
  • Renters Insurance (this was put on hold due to the holidays, I want to have it by the end of January)
  • Auto insurance, shop around to make sure my rates are acceptable.
  • Set up an autopay into my cats health account of $20/month
I think this is good for January, now I just have to follow through.


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