Thursday, December 22, 2005


More Money for the Snowball

My bfriend has spent the past year unemployed, having surgery, and getting his home business started back up. He's also been unsuccessfully looking for part-time work to supplement my income while still allowing him time to do the home biz thing. We haven't been in danger of starving or anything, but I am always looking for extra money to put towards the debt, because I hate having debt so much! And now I can happily report that starting in January there will be extra funds going to the snowball because he has found a part-time job doing work that he loves to do and he will still have time to do his own business. I'm not going to seriously count any chickens before hatching, but I'm thinking this could cut one of the credit cards down to being paid in 6 months instead of 10. Yippee for us and boo for the debt!


Blogger Jose Anes said...

Good decision your bfriend did. Home business are good, but before you start them you should have the cash reserves to sustain yourself. It takes a lot of savings.

Money And Investing

6:59 PM  

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