Thursday, December 29, 2005


Insurance goes down

I thought this was strange. Two years ago when I moved in with the bfriend, my insurance company said that my rates would go up due to the zip code I moved to having a higher crime rate and all that other stuff they use to determine your rates. So I left the address on my policy my mom's house whiich is about 30 miles outside the Seattle city limits. Since I dont use the car to drive to work, I was fine with this little cheat as it saved me about $240/year. Now that the bfriend has a job, he will be using my car to drive to work, he can't bus because he is working graveyard and we are a one car couple. I went online and changed the address on my policy and added him to it and my rates went down instead of up. Only $3, but I was expecting a $25-$50 increase based on the change of address and the additional driver. I checked my most recent statement which reflects the new rates, but it didn't note any new discounts, I thought maybe I was receiving a multi-driver discount? Very strange. Maybe crime has gone down in Seattle.

My health insurance is going down as well, from $33/month to $14. I don't know why this went down either, but maybe its best to just accept the tiny windfalls and not question them.


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