Saturday, December 10, 2005


Giving with Nothing

For those of us who would like to give but aren't able to fit it into the budget here's an interesting website I found, eScrip. If you use grocery store loyalty cards, debit cards, credit cards etc. and if your store/merchant participates in the program, you can go to this site and register your card. Then everytime you shop, a percentage of your spend is donated to the school, group or organization of your choice.

For the animal lovers out there, World Wildlife Federation and Greenpeace both have action-oriented programs that require no money from you. If you sign up you'll receive emails that describe a particular campaign, then you are asked to email or write a letter to the appropriate congressman etc. They've even got it set up where they will send the email for you if you just want to send the standard script instead of personalizing. I do this all the time, it helps alleviate my guilt at not being able to send money.


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