Friday, December 02, 2005


Fire Part 2

I was asked to post on what my landlord did after the fire. First thing I want to say is keep your landlords phone number handy, the bfriend has been living in this house for so long that we couldnt find the lease anywhere and had to look up the phone number online. The day after the fire, the llord came out to see the damage, contacted his insurance company and arranged for a cleaning crew to come out on Wednesday (fire happened Monday), they were here for 3 days. The insurance adjuster came out on Thursday, we will definitely be getting a new stove and new floor. The llord's deductible is $1000, he asked us to pay half, however if the insurance company simply gives him a check to cover everything he mentioned having us repaint and he would subtract our labor from the $500. I would prefer to go that route, but the bfriend says that it is worth $500 to have the rooms professionally repainted. This is because there is smoke damage in the living room as well as the kitchen from the smoke trying to head out the front door. I will know more once the llord lets us know what the adjuster's final figures are but it will cover all the replacement items, the repainting and the cleaning crew.

About fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, they are extremely well priced! I bought an additional smoke alarm to put in the kitchen for $5.99 and the extinguisher was only $10.99. I thought the extinguisher would have been much more, of course it is for a smaller area, up to 600 sq feet, but our house is only 670 so it should work fine.


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