Saturday, December 10, 2005


Cyber Clutter

Decluttering is a huge part of living the simple lifestyle that I'm trying to embrace and tonight I realized that it includes cyber clutter as well. We have a wireless network in our house so that my pc in the house and the bfriends Macs out in the garage/studio can all be on the internet. Well lately our router has decided not to play nice with my pc anymore. All day long today it said I was connected to a network but wouldn't let me on the internet. (I'm getting to the point of this post) After fiddling with it for awhile, my bfriend brought one of his Macs in the house and hooked me up to it. Which meant that I no longer had any of my bookmarks, or what I am calling cyber clutter for the sake of this post. I pouted for awhile, but then I realized that this was a good thing. I have so many bookmarks that they are quite the pain to organize, I can't keep tack and have duplicates of some and I probably don't use half of them. Not having them on the Mac means I am decluttered and living the cyber simple life. When I get my pc back I'm going to delete all the bookmarks and start fresh with only the ones I really need.


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