Thursday, December 15, 2005


Christmas Shopping

I have 11 people to shop for, with a budget of $243, only $22.09 per person, I'm doing pretty good so far:

Custom t-shirts from Zazzle $93.80 (for 5 people)
This is a website where you design your own t-shirts, posters, etc. and can sell them. I bought 5, 2 are for my sister to give as presents. They came to $18.76 each. I'm quite proud of this purchase because I received a 5% discount for purchasing more than 2 items, a 10% discount because I purchased products from my own store, and I had a free shipping code. The total before discounts was $118.19 for a savings of $24.39, plus since I went through Fat Wallet to make the purchase I get a 6% rebate back on the purchase. (Thanks to Jane Dough for the Fat Wallet link).

National Geographic gift subscription $15 (for 1)

Trees from National Arbor Day Society free (for 2)
Back in April I joined the National Arbor Day Society, for $25 you receive a monthly newsletter and 10 free tree seedlings,I chose the flowering trees. They will be delivered to me this month, this is because they are not shipped out until the dormant season. Since my parents are avid gardeners, I'm giving them each a tree.

My sister and have decided to go halfsies on presents for our grandparents (2), in exchange for my paying for the t-shirts she is giving as gifts, I do not have to pay for my half of the grandparent gifts.

Total spent so far: $108.80, gifts purchased for 8 people. This leaves $134 for the remaining 3 people and extra stocking stuffers for my parents.


Anonymous Jane Dough said...

Excellent job stacking those discounts and then topping the purchase off with a Fat Cash rebate! I am using Fat Cash myself for the first time this month and it is amazing how fast those little rebate dollars start adding up!

I have not visited Zazzle before, but will now have to check it out. Thanks for the info!

10:36 AM  

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