Monday, November 14, 2005


My First Post

I've been reading other blogs for awhile now, and I've been inspired to start my own. I'm really getting into embracing the frugal lifestyle and want to take it as far as I can. I also want to track my debt reduction and I figured doing it publicly would be a motivation to get it done faster. My goal is to be entirely debt free in 30 months or less via the snowball method which I started last month:

My car loan I am not snowballing because it is a low interest rate, is a fixed payment amount, and will be paid off in November 2007, $5588.77 at 5.5%. Once it's paid off I'll either add that amount to the snowball, my ira or my savings but I've got 2 years to figure that one out.

As of 11/14/05
Capital One, 8.9% interest $2996.17
WSECU, 9.9% interest $2996.31
Bank of America, 6.9% interest $6244.20

Total is $12,236.68 , I am currently paying $459/month towards the snowball, I'll share my budget in a later post.

Wish me luck!


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Blogger AnnMarie said...

I just wanted to comment that pet insurance isn't all its promoted to be. We had it on our cats for one year and then dropped it. There's all this fine print that you don't realize. For example, you MUST report the illness within 30 days of its first appearance. My kitty was very sick, but it took months for us to discover that it was a permanent condition! The first few visits didn't cost much and didn't lead us to believe we'd spend $1000 in one year (plus on going medication costs). By the time the costs added up, it was too late to claim. This summer, my dog got sick and we did claim that. First, they determine how much they'll cover on each charge, based on an "average in your area" (they don't tell you how they find the average, but it was lower for every single item than what we paid!). Then, there's a deductible. There's also a max they'll pay per illness. There's also stuff they don't cover, like prescription diets. And so on and so on and so on. They can also decide to drop the insurance--I suspect that one big illness and they would drop it. They'll keep covering that illness, they say, but I wonder what happens if you don't have the policy anymore--what's to prevent them from not paying on it anymore?

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